Alice Aycock

2014, 580 x 730 x 520 cm
Powder coated aluminium and steel
Edition 1/2

Position GPS: 59.330036, 18.119916


“I became interested in the theatrical aspect of architecture – not simply the physical athletic event. And so my work has architectural scale and potential and refers to the site in which it is placed, but actually moving through the art is less interesting to me. That is even truer today when so much art and architecture is experienced virtually and cinematically…

Movement is important to me because I view things as in a constant state of transition. Nothing stays solid as far as I am concerned… My fascination with wind, cloud formation, smoke, flow dyna- mics, wave theory, and interference patterns was there from the beginning. In various ways, I have circumnavigated around it throughout my career.”

– Alice Aycock



The sculpture was acquired after the exhibition period by Princess Estelle’s Cultural Foundation thanks to gifts from the Foundation’s founders.


The sculpture was inaugurated 7 June 2020 at 1PM by H.R.H. Prince Daniel.

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Prinsessan Estelles Kulturstiftelse
Kungliga Slottet
107 70 Stockholm