Program 2022

Art Education

Etnografiska Museet

Catch the wind – textile workshop
Beneath the treetops in Etnografiska’s museum park, we create waving flags and pennants made of recycled textiles in harmony with nature. Yinka Shonibare often works with undulating textiles in his works and the sculpture Wind sculpture in bronze I also has wind as its theme. In the workshop, we work with textiles and wind as a theme.

Thursday–Saturday at 3 pm in the Ethnographic Museum’s park, 30 June to 14 August. 

Ethnographic objects, art and design
The World Culture Museums invite you to an interactive conversation at the Ethnographic Museum. The panel consists of artists in the African diaspora, who are invited to choose objects from the collection to reflect on together. The starting point is the format Meeting with the collection, which was developed within the exhibition project Africa in progress.

August 27 at the Ethnographic Museum


An interactive audio guide aimed at teenagers and digital workshops based on this year’s art will be designed by graduating students from Konstfack.

Tekniska Museet i Stockholm

The Technical Museum will offer a creative workshop aimed at families and young people. At the workshop, participants will learn techniques for creating their own patterns and repetitions, inspired by the African fabrics that form the basis of this year’s sculpture. There will also be an outdoor craft station where passers-by of all ages can put together their own colorful patterns with colorful pieces of wood in different shapes. Read more:

Parallell exhibitions


The new extension Liljevalchs + shows three films by Yinka Shonibare CBE where the artist has worked on recreating famous works of art or historical events. The first takes us to Gustav III’s famous masquerade ball, the second is based on the ballets’ ballet Swan Lake and the last on an aria from La Traviata. Read more:

Magasin III

The group exhibition Elective Affinites, which is shown in Magazine III, includes three works by Shonibare.

Moderna Museet

The Modern Museum shows Yinka Shonibar’s installation Vasa Ship, 2004 in the museum’s foyer. Vasa is the oldest preserved ship from the 17th century, the century of trade lines, world voyages, colonialism and the slave trade in particular. In his replica of the boasting ship, Shonibare connects historical and global threads across oceans and continents and recalls Sweden’s role in the world and the world’s role in Sweden.



Yinka Shonibare is one of the biggest names in contemporary art. This year he is currently in Stockholm with the sculpture Wind Sculpture in Bronze I which is unveiled at Kungl. Djurgården 2 June, commissioned by Princess Estelle’s Cultural Foundation. The links to Sweden are more than that for the British-Nigerian artist. The Moderna Museet’s collections include the sculpture Vasa Ship (2004) and the video work Un Ballo in Maschera (2004). Both works are about Sweden’s royal history, where Shonibare’s aesthetics raises questions about what perspectives are conveyed in Western historiography. On the occasion of the 2022 sculpture, the National Museum invites to a symposium with lectures and in-depth studies related to Shonibare’s art.

Thursday 1 September at 16–18

Södra Ljusgården, entrance level Nationalmuseum, Södra Blasieholmshamnen, Stockholm

Scholarship and public work

Handelshögskolan i Stockholm

Yinka Shonibare will make a permanent decoration in a classroom at the Stockholm School of Economics. In addition, a Shonibare scholarship will be established, which the school’s students will be able to apply for several years to travel and spend a month at the Yinka Shonibare Foundation’s residence in Lagos or Ijebu in Nigeria.

Dance performance

Moderna Museet

On the occasion of the inauguration of Yinka Shonibare’s public sculpture Wind Sculpture in Bronze I at Djurgården, Shonibare will come to the Moderna Museet on June 1, 16.30–18.00 for a public conversation with Lena Essling, curator of the Moderna Museet and Sara Sandström Nilsson, operations manager for Princess Estelle’s Cultural Foundation. After the conversation, a newly written performance work by choreographer Joakim Stephenson will be performed with costumes by Yinka Shonibare and Anna Kjellsdotter.

Drottningholms Slottsteater

The dance performance will also result in a film, which will be shot at Drottningholms Slottsteater.


Brittiska Ambassaden

H.R.H. Prince Daniel, the British Ambassador Mrs Judith Gough, the Ambassador of Nigeria in Stockholm Mr B.B Hamman, Sara Sandström Nilsson and Yinka Shonibare CBE will speak at the inauguration ceremony on 2 June at 13:00.

Nigerianska Ambassaden

H.R.H. Prince Daniel, the British Ambassador Mrs Judith Gough, the Ambassador of Nigeria in Stockholm Mr B.B Hamman, Sara Sandström Nilsson and Yinka Shonibare CBE will speak at the inauguration ceremony on 2 June at 13:00.

Exhibition area