The Inner Flow of Life

Giuseppe Penone

2022–2024, 1000 x 198 x 268 cm
Bronze and granite

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The fluidity contained within our bodies permeates the entire universe. It resides in the heart, the air, and the water. It can be observed in the veins of stone and in the growth of forests. It manifests in the paths we traverse. If we cast our gaze across time, we witness the transformation of stone back into fluid through the actions of wind, rain, sun, and ice, reducing it to the dust from which our life emerges.

Amidst the roots of an upturned bronze tree, seeds sprout, and its trunk extends into space. The veins of a stone block resemble an entire forest, captured and compressed within the substance of the stone.

Around the stone, the trees of the forest intertwine, imprinting themselves upon our memory.

– Giuseppe Penone


Donated by Birgitta & Conni Jonsson. Installed between Israel af Ströms väg and Rosendalsvägen.

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The sculpture will be inaugurated 30 May at 1 PM by H.R.H. Prince Daniel.

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