Charlotte Gyllenhammar

2023, height 400 cm

Position GPS: 59.328703, 18.122177

About the artwork

“When I answered a call from an unknown number two years ago, I was completely unprepared. Suddenly, an idea, a certain light, a vision, came to me – images crowded in my head at the thought of creating new work on Djurgården, this beloved royal park in the centre of Stockholm. 

I was born in Gothenburg. The landscape of the archipelago of Bohuslän and the West coast of Sweden has shaped me, but I also spent a few early formative years in Stockholm. Those first years of awareness, during which my language was evolving and I was starting to discern my own thoughts. 

I particularly remember a certain light over Skeppsholmen and Nordic Museum on Djurgården, with its turrets and towers. The dark, back-lit silhouettes in the crisp autumn air. I thought of two sites east of Rosendal Palace, and eventually decided on a beech grove, a lovely vale along Israel af Ströms väg. Secluded yet inviting.

The beech trees form a triangle, a tongue pointing westwards. My bronze sculpture Untold will be installed between three slender beech trunks. It rises from the ground – a female figure with
majestic poise, introspective, brooding, radiating a secret, or perhaps a burden or promise. She waits, biding her time, like a possible companion, a potential forerunner. She is embraced by the green light, by the sensitive beech roots. The lack of undergrowth makes the beech grove so exquisite, like a ballroom without a ceiling.

I am also reminded of the fairy tales of my childhood, with their transformations and cruelty. The hulder’s hollow back and the elf’s twilight dance in the meadows. Creatures between man and beast, silent links to our primordial origins. Sprung from what? Our knowledge of the invisible, the infinite and the nature of the world.

– Charlotte Gyllenhammar
   Stockholm, October 2022


The sculpture is donated by the Schörling family. Installed at Rosendalsängen, intersection between Fredrik Bloms väg and Rosendalsvägen.


The sculpture was inaugurated 29 May at 1 PM by H.R.H. Prince Daniel.

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