Art education 2021


The Conversation Walk is a collaboration between Aleksandra Lundins degree project at Konstfack, PREKS and Djurgården Art Walk in the app Royal Walks (available in app store).

“The purpose behind the walk is to raise questions and enable discussions about accessibility. We all have ideas and experiences that we can share with each other, and there is so much we can learn from each other through conversation. I want to raise questions about accessibility that the visitors at Djurgården can discuss when they walk among the sculptures, maybe new thoughts will be brought to life through these conversations.”

Download questions as PDF here


Tekniska Museet

Through summer 2021, Tekniska Museet offered two art activities, What does your lifering look like and Who are you a lifering to?

The art activities reflect Elmgreen & Dragset artwork and have been developed by Tekniska Museet together with art subject student Melinda Khoo in collaboration with Princess Estelle’s Cultural Foundation.

What does your lifering look like?

A workshop that puts visitors in an experience that reflects the artwork Life Rings, where you can create your own symbolic lifebuoy. 

Who are you a lifering to?

A station that offers visitors the opportunity to reflect on whether you are a lifebuoy in someone else’s life. In the art station, you can express yourself freely via drawing or writing and be part of a digital universal artwork.