Art education 2022

The Museum of Ethnography 

Catch the wind – a textile workshop in the Ethnographic Museum’s Park

Under the trees in the park of the Museum of Ethnography, flags and pennants were made of recycled textiles. Yinka Shonibare CBE often works with undulating textiles in his artworks, a theme also used in this years sculpture Wind Sculpture in Bronze I. In this workshop we worked with textile and used wind as the main theme.

Ethnographic objects, art and design

The National Museums of World Culture invited you to an interactive conversation at the Ethnographic Museum. The panel consisted of artists from the African diaspora, who were invited to choose objects from the museums collections to reflect on. The starting point was the format Meet the collection, which had been developed within the exhibition project Africa in progress.

Konstfack University of Arts, Craft and Design 

An interactive audio guide aimed at teenagers and a digital workshop based on this year’s art have been designed by graduating students from Konstfack University of Arts, Craft and Design.

National Museum of Scince and Technology 

The National Museum of Science and Technology offers a creative workshop aimed at families and youth. At the workshop, participants will learn techniques for creating their own patterns and repetitions, inspired by the African fabrics that form the basis of this year’s sculpture. There will also be an outdoor craft station where passers-by of all ages can put together their own colorful patterns using colorful pieces of wood in different shapes. Read more here