Activities 2023

This page will be updated continuosly during the activity period.

Guided tour / Introduction

During the activity period 30 May–1 September free introductions/guided tours are offered, in Swedish or English, daily at 1 PM.

Starting point at PREKS information kiosk, see map. PREKS catalogue and Art Magazines are distributed free of charge to all visitors.

Inauguration 29 May

The fourth permanent installation in Princess Estelle’s Sculpture Park was inaugurated on May 29th at 1:00 p.m. by H.R.H. Prince Daniel. Other speakers included Minister of Culture Parisa Liljestrand, artist Charlotte Gyllenhammar, and PREKS Director of Operations Sara Sandström. Music was performed by Erik Brag Månsson and Agnes Gyllenhammar Hederoth. The host of the event was Pernilla August.


How can we enable visual arts education to reflect contemporary art practices? The art form of performance has a significant role in today’s art scene and is exhibited in galleries, biennials, and museums. However, it can feel challenging to approach for both students and art teachers. Working in three dimensions and with sculptures involves physical contact with the materials, but the body itself can also become the material.

In their thesis project at Konstfack, performance artist and art education student Naelu, in collaboration with the Princess Estelle’s Cultural Foundation and the Museum of Ethnography, has explored the use of masks as tools for performance art in visual arts education.>>

The Museum of Ethnography


The Museum of Ethnography will offer a workshop for children and adults where they build “Rådare,” creatures inspired by nature.

More information will be added shortly.

Museum of Ethnography on the web 


Artist talk

On September 21st at 6:00 PM, the event In Conversation with Charlotte Gyllenhammar will take place, featuring an artist talk between Per Hedström and Charlotte Gyllenhammar.

Nationalmuseum on the web


National Museum of Science and Technology

Storytelling and perspective with parallax

Wednesday to Sunday between July 5th and August 20th in the Gallery AI exhibition at the Technical Museum.

This year’s workshop for children and families is designed to develop their creativity and teach them about the artistic forms of the sculptures in the park, the techniques they are made with, and the storytelling in artistic composition.

We use the so-called parallax effect to explore scales and perspectives. In the workshop, children choose a figure that is cut out of wood using our laser cutter. The children draw on the wooden silhouette and create a short storyboard for the character. The figure is then placed in front of or between some pre-made backgrounds, see example image below. When a photo is taken, an illusion is created that the background is far away, while the figure appears close due to the different scales. This is despite the fact that the backgrounds and the figure are very close to each other in reality. It also becomes a play with 2D and 3D – how can the eye perceive something that is layers of 2D as 3D?

Riksidrottsmuseum / Konsthall 16

In connection with Charlotte Gyllenhammar’s presentation in the Princess Estelle Sculpture Park 2023, one of her works from the Tore A Jonasson Foundation’s collection will be exhibited on the Gallery Wall at the National Sports Museum/Art Hall 16 during the summer.

Charlotte Gyllenhammar’s artwork, with the ambiguous title Unstable, is a greatly enlarged still image from a film of the same title that conveys a sense of both control and instability. The film was created for the Stockholm Cultural Capital Year in 1998 and was projected on a large scale on the Skatteskrapan building at night. Ten years later, she selected a series of still images from the film, one of which is included in the Tore A Jonasson Foundation’s collection.

For more information, please visit the National Sports Museum’s website.

Statens konstråd / Stockholm konst

Die For You is back – a new version of Charlotte Gyllenhammar’s artwork has been installed above Drottninggatan in Stockholm. The work is exhibited 8 September–20 October 2023. 

30 years ago, people were met with a spectacular sight as they strolled along Drottninggatan, near Sergels torg in Stockholm – an upside-down oak tree hanging between buildings. The oak was one of the very first artworks by the artist Charlotte Gyllenhammar, titled Die for You, and it prompted many to experience art in a new way.

On September 8th, a new version of the artwork, Die for You/Take Root, 2023, was inaugurated through a collaboration between the artist, the Swedish Public Art Agency (Statens konstråd), and Stockholm konst, in the same location as 30 years ago.

On September 9 at 11.30 AM- 1:30 PM an artwalk was arranged by Swedish Public Art Agency.

On September 17th, which is Skeppsholmen’s Day, Charlotte Gyllenhammar will participate in an artist talk at 1:30 PM (In Swedish) in the Swedish Public Art Agency’s premises on Skeppsholmen.

For more information please visit Public Art Agency Sweden

Stockholm konst

Artist talk

Artist talk between Charlotte Gyllenhammar and Calle Carboni, organized by Brillo Vox – watch it afterwards here (in swedish only).