Organisation of the foundation

The board of the foundation is assisted by an artistic council and the organisation is run by an executive director.

Board of the Foundation and Executive Director

HRH The Crown Princess, Initiator
HRH Prince Daniel, Initiator and Board member
Elin Annwall, Board member
Johan Ericsson, Chairman of the Board
Lena Josefsson, Board Member
Staffan Larsson, Governor of the Royal Court and Board member
Janne Sirén, Board Member
Lars Strannegård, Board Member

Sara Sandström, Executive Director

Left to right: Staffan Larsson, Elin Annwall, Janne Sirén, Johan Ericsson, HRH The Crown Princess, HRH Prince Daniel, Sara Sandström, Lars Strannegård, Lena Josefsson
Photo: Henrik Garlöv, Kungl. Hovstaterna

Artistic Council

Ann-Sofi Noring, Member of the board at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts and former vice Director of Moderna Museet, Stockholm
Elisabeth Millqvist, Director of Moderna Museet in Malmö and former Artistic and Executive Director at Wanås Konst, Knislinge, Sweden
Georges Armaos, Managing Director Nordic Art Intelligence

Left to right: Ann Sofi Noring, Elisabeth Millqvist, Georges Armaos.
Photo: Henrik Garlöv, Kungl. Hovstaterna