Patrons of PREKS

The Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation relies on private donations for its activities. A number of Patrons have generously contributed the basic funding, making it possible to start the Foundation. Alice Aycock’s sculpture Hoop-La was donated by the Patrons of PREKS in 2020.

Agnetha & Robert Andreen

Anna-Johanna & Sam Bonnier

Sofia & Daniel Ek

Harriet & Fabian Hielte

Lena & Per Josefsson

Martin Lorentzon

Katarina & Carl Martinson 

Kristoffer Melinder

Jeanette & Harald Mix

Sara Karlsson & Erik Paulsson

Erik Selin

Cristina Stenbeck & Alexander Fitzgibbons

Louise & Carl-Henric Svanberg

Ylva & Fredrik Svensson

and one anonymous Patron.

Foto: Johan Lindskog